30 Minute Lessons

30-minute lessons are reserved predominantly for kids under 13, especially those new to private music instruction. I aim for a fun and comfortable pace to boost their confidence with the instrument. Shorter lessons also combat fatigue and keep focus sharp, which is helpful for busy schedules and multiple after-school activities.

Rest assured, our lessons are designed to be enjoyable and not overwhelming for young learners.

30 minute lessons are for adults who juggle tighter schedules but are dedicated to attending lessons twice a week. These twice a week lessons are essential for ensuring that adults can make meaningful progress with the instrument despite their busy schedule. While these lessons tend to be a bit more fast-paced, it helps ensure that guitar is a constant part of their weekly routine and that questions are constantly being answered.

55 Minute Lessons

55 minute lessons are for adults of all levels and kids ages 14 and older. The longer lesson

provides us a relaxed, stress-free environment that greatly benefits the understanding and

retention of new information. We’re able to have much more time for open discussion and

demonstrations that can provide clarity on previously reviewed or new concepts.

You’ll also have much more time to practice in the lesson so as to guarantee you mental and physical understanding of everything we do. While I'll always have a plan for our lesson, the longer duration allows us to move and pivot together more organically than in a 30-minute lesson, which tend to be more straightforward.

© Embodied Guitarist 2024

© Embodied Guitarist 2024